I recorded this poem that my grandmother wrote in english over 'Peso' of A$AP Rocky. Today is her birthday and it´s exactly half a year ago since she lost her life and I´m crazy sad but totally in love still and indefinetely proud of her. It was just a spontaneous decision today. I read her poem tonight for the first time. And it´s just a way to share with other people my age what this little sweet german-jewish-china-emigrated-back-to-communist-germany-in-love-with-nigerian-grandfather-women who meant everything to me brought to paper in 1973. Wish you a beautiful and fancy birthday Omi! 


von Raoul


A Lover s Song While Parting' is a poem written by my grandmother Ilse Hoferichter in 1973. Today is her birthday and for the first time in my life I won´t reach her happy voice on the phone or can hang out with her since she passed away exactly half a year ago.
She was such a small fragile little sweet old women who went through crazy things in her life. As a jewish girl she had to escape national-socialists in germany emigrating to china and despite everything that happened coming back to Berlin decades later - having lost all the rest of her family. And even despite being treated in chinese hospital for so many years and almost condemned to die at an early age she managed to fight all of this and bring an entire family to life.
In communist germany she fell in love with my grandfather from nigeria, raising my mother all by herself after his death. Such a tough and beautiful grandmother. We spent so much time together. Little sister, mother and grandmother - the 3 women I´ll always share the highest respect for - indefinite, uncondiotnal love and brutal loyalty until we all catch up whereever we´re supossed to catch up after our times being here.